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MWA clean water clinic คลินิกน้ำสะอาด
        MWA Clean Water Clinic is the information center to provide services and knowledge on clean water issues.
Providing consultation services in solving clean water quality problems by appropriate measures. MWA Clean Water Clinic is set up by MWA experts on clean water quality, who full of field experiences and knowledge as MWA CSR services.
for the better health for all Thai and foreigners in line with the MWA vision on
“ Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) is a leading organization in good corporate management with social responsibilities in the forefront of ASEAN's utilities providing water supply services. ”
1.Providing consultation, advisory services on technical, academic to general publics
2.Support general public to bring knowledge to apply in safety normal living in order to achieve equal standard of living for all
3.act as the center to coordinate various information and experts on updated academic and technical issues
4.Academic technical center and information on clean water as national center
5.provide social services
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